fredag den 25. januar 2013


Today i just collected a visual list of all the magic cards I got prints off.
Here it is. The posters are about the size of A3, some slightly bigger.

tirsdag den 21. september 2010

Dryad´s step

Here is a magic card illustration from core set 2011. It features a guy I did for an older card called Borderland Ranger. When Choosing the colors I was very inspired by another artist called Chris Moeller. He send me a handfull of WOW-cards and one had a really cool wood background that was rendered in a much lighter and realistic looking way than what I am used to. Chris´sky was almost white. So I wanted to at least try to use a more subdued palette and a lighter sky color. This is the result.
Of note: the right bottom part of the roots are only fist layer of paint.

lørdag den 18. september 2010

Goblin Tunneler

This here is my favorite illustration. I think the reason is that it is pretty simple and straight forward in the design. The description was simple: A goblin with a hacking tool who has dug himself out of a tunnel. What I like about this specific work is that the brushstrokes are very loose and chunky but still precise accurate. I think it has thus aura of easiness that I constantly seek and that I find so hard to achieve. When it succeed it is not until afterwards that I realize that it went well: While in it it just flows without thinking.
One of the reason might be that the drawing is simple and the background is just like a wall. I felt I could relax a lot and concentrate on obtaining texture in the skin and material rather than painting elements. that is my downfall. If I start thinking too much about the elements it goes sour. "Oh well this is robe, its brown. the skin is red, the metal is grey and the cliffs are brown". I try, and by try I mean force myself, to paint texture within the same value instead of thinking too much in colors. If I go loose and muddy and dots different colors within the same value on, lets say metal, I get a nice dirty look. I can then add shadows and especially highlights to pull out the form. You see this in the metal hooks or the wedges in the belt.
Also I am pretty happy with the sloppiness of the cliffs to the right.

mandag den 26. juli 2010

Progress shots

Dragon Magazine 389

This is a precious illustration to me. It is one of those where I took a step in a new direction. Where I took a chance and dared something out of the comfort zone, and also one , where I diverted a lot from the art description and hoped that they would go for it.
Jon Schindehette had just a week ago written an article in his blog Artorder, where he said that a good way to not get hired again, would be to stray too much from the art description. So when mailing him the sketch for this one, I was crossing my fingers that he would like the new approach...well he did, and I picked up the brushes.
In this painting I tried for the first time a zoomed out scene with smaller figures than what I am used to. I almost always focus on a main figure making a heroic portrait with a semi detailed background. I was in the mood for doing a more complex painting. also I wanted it to be more of a scene than a portrait. That is ofcause a lot more difficult, but I am glad I did. The painting shows a female wizard being hunted by Wyvern riders. ( there is one more on the rooftop ) I wanted to capture the moment where the hunter and the hunted sees each-other and the last fight begins. this is the moment that are always the most intense in roleplaying. I cannot count the times I have been in the situation where the pour wizard girl is, wounded, out numbered and without the equipment, that could safe you.
Notice the reward posters on the wall with her picture on them.
When painting the fighter I focused on making him a solid muscular guy leaning toward the heavy site, ( kind of like myself except for the muscles ) thus making him seem more real and dirty.

fredag den 4. juni 2010

Mists of Zanaga

This is one of the Runebound covers I did for Fantasy Flight Games. The illustration is going to be used in a cirkular frame, but I still paint it almost rectangular. I enjoyed making up small details in the monkey-demons design. Especially the impaled body of a human king that is stuck on one of his horns, is a detail I am proud of. I looked at different monkeys to get the idea for the coloration.

onsdag den 2. juni 2010

Taunter and Godtoucher

Here is 2 magiccard illustrations I have been asked to upload.