søndag den 29. juni 2008

Boartusk Liege

Boartusk Liege is another one of my new magic card illustration. It was difficult to get both the rider and the steed equally detailed in the ususal format ( 40x25cm ) so this one I did on watercolor paper stretched up on board. 
I did a lot of sketches of the giant Boar, most of them too naturalsitic. I found that when they looked to much like a real animal it did not seem dangerous enough compared to the Boggart. 

fredag den 27. juni 2008


This is the colorrough for Tattermonge Duo. I usually do my colorroughs in acrylics, but this time I was sitting by the computer anyway so I tried out the thing I had in my mind. The pencil drawing is an alternative sketch.

torsdag den 26. juni 2008

Tattermonge Duo

This painting is a Magiccard illustration for the Shadowmoore expansion. It is one of my favorite paintings because of the carefree brushstrokes in the background. A lot of things I have aimed for artisticly, succeded in this picture and I would change almost nothing...