fredag den 8. januar 2010

Sea of Blood

This is a cover I did for Fantasy Flight Games. I did a million or at least 40 thumbs trying different angles and setups before settling into this version.

The irony of it is that the final thumb that I liked took less than 10 minutes, where as the rest of them had me sketching and sketching for days. I try to convince myself that they are necessary and lead up to tha final good one. But boy do I wish I could just skip all the ugly ones and get right to the gold in one shot.

When I have sketched the details and all onto the board I ink the whole thing and greytone it in black acrylic, thereby establishing the values of the painting. the greytone painting is scanned and i print out a couple of copies to do colorroughs on.

The painting process is a fast process. I used only three days on this and the whole of one day was spend only on the barbarian. Him being the focal point and hero.

This is one of the paintings I will send in to Spectrum and I cross my fingers that it will get through.