onsdag den 28. oktober 2009

Armored Ascension

This is one more of my illustrations for Magic the Gathering 2010. The fist sketch I did was kind of ok but even when it got approved I still felt it I could do better. To me it was seen too much from the side, the knight was too relaxed and even a little goofy. So I tried to pump up the action. It resulted in the next sketch that i really felt had all the first one lacked. Jeremy agreed and I painted the illustration. I have seen so many digital artist using the burn tool to make it look like a light source is burning away at the edge of things and I wanted to do the same but with paint. I am not sure the result is all I aimed for. Next time I will do the effect first in computer on a color study and then copy it directly in acrylic.

Damn; I like the sketch better than the final. The horse should have been white.

6 kommentarer:

Cacodaemonia sagde ...

I think the "burned" area looks great! I almost want to shield my eyes while looking at this painting. :)

Ola Larsson sagde ...

Great stuff - I can see what you mean by the horse, although its a damn good pice of art.

Mathew Mossman sagde ...

I like it! Funny how digital art is influencing the traditional. I love the lines in your thumbnails also, very fun to look at.

Anonym sagde ...

Great story you got here. I'd like to read more about this matter.
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Johan sagde ...

Hey. Stor fan av stilen din. My kult!

I came here through a link at Paul Bonners site. And I'm glad I followed it, cause first of all, your art is really cool (I like your palette alot, vary saturated and bold), secondly, I like the design of your homepage, and thirdly, I appreciate how you share your work in quite high resolutions (which is unusual for established artists such as yourself).

Anyways, thanks for sharing, and I look forward to continuing following this blog.

Kredepops sagde ...

That is one brave horse!! Nice action. The bloom burning area looks reaaaaally great. I cannot help but marvel that you can do this stuff with paint.