tirsdag den 26. januar 2010

Balor and friends

This is a cover for a Dungeons and Dragon Book. I was going to portrait a bunch of different demons having Balor as the leader of the pack. As you can see from the forst sketch his horns and face has undergone a lot of changes. Also the sketch shows how searching I am in this stage. I need a lot of trying lines to shape the form. I am not one of those who sees it in his mind first and then more or less print it out on paper ( Would be cheaper I guess ).
The colors are some of the brigthest I have ever used and the contrast almost hurt my eyes when I first started blocking in the colors. Paul Bonner, with whom I share a studio, walked by and exclaimed: "Oh my God", when he saw my first couple of layers. I do not think he meant it in a good way so turned it down a notch.

4 kommentarer:

Kredepops sagde ...

Splendid work. The warm vs. cold really makes it pop. My favorite thing in the painting is the guy on the right's hands... they are so disgusting!! Awesome work. Good thing you took down the bright colours a bit. Contrast is your friend but can be your worst enemy too.

Stephanie Hans sagde ...


I just discovered your work.
Your colors are fanstastic, very rich.

Daniel Ljunggren sagde ...

I love your dynamic characters/ creatures and the action in the images! Thanks for spending some time writing down your thoughts and process on each image, it's really interesting. Thanks!

Adam Temple sagde ...

This piece is a lot of fun, and I agree, wow bright. I gotta say I prefer the first face of Balor, but the final is good too. More impish. Inspiring work!