onsdag den 7. april 2010

Ravenloft Boardgame

I was very happy to get this assignment. The painting is for a Boardgame set in the world of Ravenloft, called Castle Ravenloft.
I already knew all about the original roleplaying game and was very familiar with the cover illustration from back then. My job was to do a more modern version, while still being true to the original mood.
I have attached a version showing a lot of the referanches I used during the process.
In the end I did not pose for the Count myself, but made the pose up from my head, since the photo I took had me looking completely like an idiot - as I am sure you can tell.

7 kommentarer:

Cacodaemonia sagde ...

This is awesome! Definitely has the Ravenloft feel to it. :D

And yes, the photo is dorky but cute. XD

Garrett Hanna sagde ...

You da man.

Höllenhund sagde ...

Hi Jesper,

your artworks are fantastic. I like your style.

Kind regards from Germany

M. sagde ...

Fantastic artwork !

Ralph Horsley sagde ...

Great to see a bigger version of thsi than the tiny thumbnail on the WotC web site.

Great stuff. As usual great depth and sense of movement :)

Mathew Mossman sagde ...

Really nice design of shapes to the whole piece, that castle looks great!

Eric Braddock sagde ...

Love the design on this one, Jesper! Another knock out piece.