søndag den 22. marts 2009


I got in! and I am so very glad. The thing is, you do not know how many and which picture got in: Your name is on a list; that is it.

But I am hopeing it will be this one: 
It is a painting I did for Fantasy Flight Games. 

2 kommentarer:

Eric Braddock sagde ...

Wow, Jesper. This looks great! I hope this is the one that made it in too, because I have every intention to pick that book up the day it hits shelves. Congrats!

Anonym sagde ...

I love the tension of this one. An instant classic! I'm a bit confused by the brightly lit part of the bearded warrior's face, making it darker would have shifted the attention to the "creature". Still I love the way you use light. As a photographer I always love seeing how painters use light in their artwork.

If I can make a request, I'd like to read a blog post by you where you ponder the difference in American vs. European fantasy art and how your own art is influenced by your client?