onsdag den 22. april 2009

Retaliator Griffin

For a while I had gotten tired of the way I showed light. I had gotten into a way of always doing rim-light in the same way every time. So I wanted to do a picture that should mirror a more naturalistic light-source but still wanted to keep the rim-light. ( I think it creates a nice 3d feeling )
So this is me in a more updated version when it comes to light:

I was heavy influenced by a painting of James Gurney and more or less stole the color-palette. 
The reason I think this is one of my best card illustration is because the silhouette is so clearly readable and it does very well in a small size. 

As you can see on the sketch I like to keep it fairly simple and not too detailed and done. That way I keep some interesting parts, like background and ornaments and stuff for the final version and do not just color a finished transfered drawing. Paul Bonner was the first one to teach me that, and I thought he was crazy at the time. Now I see that the final result gets more spontaneous that way, and I have tried, ever since, to sort away the fine- sketching part and instead go straight from thumb to drawing directly on the board.

4 kommentarer:

Anita sagde ...

Superlækkert, at du konstant stræber mod nye højder, og udvikler dig. Selvom man ikke skulle tro det kunne lade sig gøre, så bliver du til stadighed bedre - og det er lidt af en bedrift i sig selv.

Synes det er en vildt fed illustration.

(Må jeg i øvrigt foreslå, at man også kan skrive kommentarer her, uden at man absolut skal have en Google Blogger, OpenID, Wordpress konto eller lignende? Ved ikke om det er noget du selv kan indstille på, men det vil klart begrænse, hvem der kommenterer).

Anonym sagde ...

nice illustration Jesper

Eric Braddock sagde ...

Absolutely beautiful, man.

Andrew Olson sagde ...

Beautiful lighting and I love the details around his beak and chest! Very cool shapes in this one too.