torsdag den 30. april 2009


I got assigned to do 6 covers in a row for Paizo Publishing. Before me they had used Wayne Reynolds and Steven Prescott, and I am a huge fan of both of them. So I really had to up it up a notch to be able to compete with those guys. 
The theme of the covers are a main figure and a widescreen illustration
 behind the figure. 

Here is the steps of the illustration for the main figure:

I start out with a sketch roughly done and focused on the face and the expression. 

Then i clean up the sketch and add the details. in this case a holly book, a sabre and strips of holly scripture hanging from his hands. I do a tonal study in Photoshop and submit it to the art director. 

The final is done in acrylics on paper.  

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Eric Braddock sagde ...

Awesome process shots, Jesper! And the covers look fantastic. Well done :)

Anonym sagde ...